Austria for beginners organizes various projects for children, women and men with migration background in order to that support the integration of foreigners in Austria

Seminars and workshops

Pregnancy and maternity in Austria – legal and practical aspects

The aim of project is to inform and support (expecting) mothers and their families by providing them with the necessary information about the legal and practical aspects of being pregnant and having children in Austria.

The group of seminars is held 4 times a year – in English and Bulgarian languages.

Being a parent in Austria? Challenge accepted!

This joint project of Austria for beginners and Linguamulti explores the challenges expat parents face in Austria not only in terms of day care and the peculiarities of the Austrian school system, but also raising their children in multilingual environment.

Seminars will be held in English and in Bulgarian languages.

Conversational German Meet Up

You don’t have to speak German to live in Austria, but it certainly helps! Once a month we bring people together and help them overcome their fear of speaking German while having some small refreshments.


Many people who have studied German prior their moving to Austria experience the shock of not actually understanding what Austrians say to them. Worry not, you are not alone (and not a moron)! Austrian German has its peculiarities and we want to familiarize you with them. Follow us on Facebook and expand your vocabulary with our weekly feature.

Job Applicant Boot Camp

In March 2020 a Job Applicant Boot Camp is coming! Job seekers will be consulted by various experts on how to twitch their CV and present themselves on an interview in accordance with the Austrian job market. Follow our page and don't miss out on this great opportunity!