Pregnancy, Maternity – Legal aspects

Webinar: Pregnancy and maternity – Legal aspects

Being pregnant and having a family in a foreign country is often a challenge. Getting to know the system and the appropriate administrative process you need to follow, exercising your rights and ensuring your children get the best they can when you don’t speak German at all or well enough contributes to that. To tackle this issue and help families with a migrant background, Austria for beginners is starting its new project – Educational seminars about the legal and practical aspects of parenting in Austria.

Who can benefit from the seminar? :

Expectant mothers, new parents, parents newly arrived in Austria, families who are planning to have a family in Austria.


The webinar aims to provide detailed information about the legal aspects of pregnancy and maternity and answer the questions of the individual participant.

Main topics:

  • Types of health insurance and their coverage
  • Mandatory examinations during the pregnancy and after the birth
  • Impact of Kurzarbeit on Wochengeld and maternity payments
  • All about the paperwork
  • Child’s benefits and maternity payment

Participation fee:

35 euros (due in advance! You can either pay via PayPal or bank transfer)

Upcoming dates:

09.03.2021, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, open to all, language: English

Venue: This webinar will be held via Zoom. The day before the event the participants will receive the link per email.

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