Seminar: Rules you did not know you were breaking in Austria


It is fair to say that Austria has more rules than most countries. But what is more, breaking these rules is sometimes unknown to us.
How should one abide by the law if they don’t know what the law is?

Furthermore, contesting a decision about a fine can be overwhelming and can last for months.  

This seminar will give you a comprehensive overview of the rules, that apply in different aspects of our everyday life in Austria, explain why they exist and what to do to stay on the right side of the law. We will also explain how the administrative procedure works and how to protect yourselves if you receive an unjust fine. 

Main topics

    • Registration/import of a car with EU-plates
    • Road traffic regulations / park zones 
    • Obligation for address registration 
    • The fines for public transport 
    • Church tax 
    • GIS – Public Radio and Television Tax
    • Disturbance of peace at night

    Important information

    Date 10.11.2022
    Time 6 pm – 8 pm
    Location Commonroom

    EUR 42 for non-members of Austria for beginners

    EUR 35 for members of Austria for beginners


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