Consultations for expats

Austria for beginners offers free legal consultations in English, German and Bulgarian language for expats. Relocation of families is our specialty! Our area of expertise include:

  • Immigration law
  • Family law
  • Administrative law
  • Civil law
  • Tax law

Our team is prepared with assisting you in the following (but not only) matters:

  • Getting all necessary papers to start your live in Austria (address registration, residence permit, health insurance etc.)
  • Doing what’s best for your children – finding suitable childcare or a school, applying for childcare allowance and child benefits
  • Preparing your resume and a letter of motivation in German as part of your job application
  • Preparing your application documents for university and walking you through the process of applying and registering at Austrian universities
  • Recognition of your university diploma
  • Accompany and translation on the spot – any institution and administrative office, as well as in private dealings (i.e. landlords, doctor’s appointments etc).
  • Filling out forms and carrying communication with public and private bodies
  • Literal translation of letters and emails in German
  • Assisting in other matters that arise and are not necessarily applicable to beginners’ life in Austria