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Austria for beginners organizes various events on topics that impact the every-day life of the international community in Austria.

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March 29th, 2023


Pregnancy and Maternity in Austria – legal aspects


The webinar aims to provide detailed information about the legal aspects of pregnancy and maternity and answer the questions of the individual participant.

February 28th, 2023

How to fill in your tax declaration


This seminar informs employees and workers on how to fill in their tax declaration.
Basic terms and figures will be explained, as well as the online tax refund form. Our aim is to educate foreigners employed in Austria on their rights with regard to tax refunds.

November 10th, 2022

Rules you didn’t know you were breaking in Austria


This seminar will give you a comprehensive overview of the rules, that apply in different aspects of our everyday life in Austria, explain why they exist and what to do to stay on the right side of the law.


Legal Stay and Family Reunification in Austria for Non-EU citizens


The webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of residence permits, explanation of the administrative process and practical tips


Consumer protection


The webinar provides a comprehensive overview of your rights as a consumer in Austria. Participants will also learn what steps they need to take if their rights have been impaired. Our practical examples ensure you will be able to apply the knowledge from the webinar to your every-day life.


The Austrian School System


This webinar aims to explore the challenges expat parents face in Austria not only in terms of the peculiarities of the Austrian school system, in particular the primary school system, and the determination of school readiness of the children.

March 2022



Job Application Boot Camp


If you are struggling to get a job in Austria, this BOOT CAMP is for you!

April 23rd -24th, 2022

Legal Support for Foreigners Weekend – The Graz Edition

One on one legal consultations and seminar on legal topics impacting the everyday life of foreigners in Graz.

This weekend is dedicated to the international population of Graz and Graz-area. Our organization will provide free legal consultations for everyone who made an appointment. Two free seminars on will be held – Legal aspects of pregnancy and maternity and How to fill out your tax declaration.

Although the participation is free of charge, registration is mandatory.

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