Job Application Boot Camp

A passion project of Austria for beginners that is supported by City of Vienna’s MA17 Diversity and Integration, the Job Application Boot Camp will have its 2nd edition in September 2021!

More than ever before, internationals in Austria struggle to find a job. Mostly, that is caused by the pandmic which brought Austria unemployment rate comparable only to the post-World War II times.

But foreigners experience difficulties finding a job also because they don’t know HOW to actually apply for one. Or what is expected of them during the selection process. Very often, once hired, they are taken advantage of by unethical employers.

To tackle this issues, we have created the Job Application Boot Camp! Not only you will be better prepared to get the job you want, but you will also know your rights as an employee.

The Job Application Boot Camp offers participants to benefit from the expertise of 6 highly qualified professionals from 5 areas, crucial for a successful job application – an HR expert, a conversational specialist, a German language instructor, a photographer, and legal professionals.

Each participant goes through 4 stations and have 15-minute one-on-one sessions with the consulting professionals.




Day 1

Each participant goes through 4 different stations for 15-mintes one-on-one sessions with:
– an HR specialist
– a conversational and networking specialist
– a German language instructor
– professional photographer

Finish the day with a re-vamped CV, a picture of your best self and a list of things to improve so your next application goes through!

Day 2 – 11 am – 1 pm

Participants will be educated on the basics of Austrian labor law:
– Learn what your rights as an employee and a job seeker are
– Recognize red flags already in the job offer and/or during the interview
– Know how to get yourself out of a toxic working environment

Date: 25-26.09.2021


Venue: The Collaboratory, Apollogasse 4/7, 1070 Vienna



Participation fee:

  • 69,00 EUR for non-members of Austria for beginners (due in advance)
  • 55,20 EUR for members of Austria for beginners (due in advance)



Scholarship for international women

4 women will have the chance to take part in the Job Application Boot Camp free of charge thanks to the generous donation of Women of Vienna.

If you want to win one of our scholarships, take the following steps:

1. Send us a short video of yourself and tell us who you are, what have your struggles in fiding a job have been and why you should win untill September 18th, 2021 at

2. Send us your CV

3. Like Austria for beginners’ Facebook page

The Winners will be announced on September 21st, 2021, on our Facebook page.

Meet the team

Sarah Seidl

Sarah Seidl

German language instructor

Sarah is one of the founders of Germinis – a language school with a revulutionary approach to learning German, and the talanted language instructor behind Sarahs Worte.

Monica Bartl

Monica Bartl

HR Specialist

Monica is a seasoned HR specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field. She has successfully consulted executives in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), South and Eastern Europe (SEE).

Elizabeth C. Miller

Elizabeth C. Miller

Conversational and networking specialist

Elizabeth is a conversation advocate and the founder of the Talk with ECM. She empowers busy professionals to use English more confidently and expand opportunities for work, networking & more.

Eugenia Husti

Eugenia Husti

Lifestyle photographer

Eugenia is a family, children, and portrait photographer based in Gänserndorf. Her favourite thing as a photographer is seeing the happy faces of clients after they’ve gotten her pictures.

Miglena Hofer & Severina Ditzov

Miglena Hofer & Severina Ditzov

Legal professionals

Miglena and Severina are the lawyers behind of Austria for beginners, business consultant, passionate parentpreneurs and committed supporters of the international community in Austria.

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