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Austria for beginners currently does not accept new members.

“I don’t want to ever be taken advantage of, just because I wasn’t born here.”

“I have no clue what it is required of me, so I can actually do it.”

“I speak German but not the German the administration speaks with me!”

Sounds familiar?

What if we tell you you it doesn’t have to.

You can join Austria for beginners and never feel that way again!

Austria for beginners offers the following types of memberships:

Types of membership Basic Extended (when the need for a legal writing arises)
Individuals 80 euros/year
  • 70 euros/year
Families (includes 2 adults and their underaged children) 130 euros/year
  • 70 euros/year
Students (up to 27 years of age) 65 euros/year
  • 70 euros/year



    What is the value of a membership?


    Benefits Members Non-members
    Legal consultations


    4 hours/year for individual and student memberships

    8 hours/year for family memberships

    One 20-min consultation/year
    Legal writings (such as complaints) Yes (with extended membership) No
    Services (communication with authorities, accompany and translating, filling out forms) Yes, 50 euros/hour Yes, 65 euros/hour
    • One free pre-recorded webinar of choice
    • 20 % discount
    Yes, full price
    Events 20% discount from the price  Yes, full price
    Community events Yes No
    The Super Simple Guides
    • One Guide of choice
    • 20% discount
    Yes, full price
    Monthly newsletter  Yes Yes