Parenting is a joyous but challenging journey, especially for expatriate families in a foreign land like Austria. Understanding and navigating local laws can be complex, especially when it comes to aspects like parental leave and financial benefits. At our NGO, dedicated to supporting foreigners in Austria, we want to shed light on the legal entitlements available to fathers, emphasizing the challenges non-Austrian families may face during this critical time.

Understanding the “Papamonat”

Fathers in Austria have a unique legal entitlement known as the “Papamonat,” allowing them to take leave immediately after the birth of their child. This period of dedicated family time can last up to one month, offering fathers the chance to be actively involved in the early stages of their child’s life.

Eligibility for the “Papamonat”

The “Papamonat” is open to all fathers under specific conditions:

  • A shared household with the child is a prerequisite.
  • Fathers must adhere to notification deadlines with their employers.
  • No minimum employment duration or specific company size is required.

Note: Same-sex couples are also eligible, with specific conditions for partners using medically assisted reproduction.

Duration and Reporting

Fathers can take the “Papamonat” for one month from the birth until the end of the mother’s employment ban. Reporting is critical:

  • Advance notice to the employer must be given three months before the calculated birth date.
  • Post-birth, the father must inform the employer promptly, with the actual start date communicated within one week of the birth.

Protection Against Termination and Dismissal

Fathers opting for the “Papamonat” enjoy protection against termination and dismissal. This protection begins with advance notice but not earlier than four months before the calculated due date, extending four weeks after the “Papamonat” concludes.

Financial Aspects: Introducing the Family Time Bonus

While the “Papamonat” provides invaluable family time, it is an unpaid leave. However, fathers can apply for the Family Time Bonus to alleviate financial concerns during this period. It’s crucial to understand the financial intricacies:

  • The Family Time Bonus can be applied for births until July 31, 2023, at €23.91 per day, and from August 1, 2023, at €47.82 per day during the “Papamonat.”
  • For births from January 1, 2023, the Family Time Bonus is no longer deducted from childcare allowance.

Eligibility Criteria for the Family Time Bonus

To qualify for the Family Time Bonus, fathers must meet specific criteria:

  • Continuous residence in Austria for the applying parent, child, and the other parent.
  • For non-Austrian residents, legal residence under the Settlement and Residence Act or Asylum Act 2005 is required.
  • Shared household with the mother and child.
  • Application for births until October 31, 2023, involves specific conditions during hospital stays; for births from November 1, 2023, adjustments apply.

Application Process and Duration of Benefit

The Family Time Bonus is granted upon request, within 121 days of the child’s birth. Application forms from the Federal Ministry must be used. It’s important to note that the duration of the Family Time Bonus and the “Papamonat” should align precisely.

Health and Pension Insurance

Fathers availing the “Papamonat” are covered by health and pension insurance if eligible for the Family Time Bonus during this period.

As an expatriate family in Austria, understanding your legal rights during parenthood is crucial. The “Papamonat” and Family Time Bonus provide invaluable support, but careful planning and adherence to the intricate details are essential. Austria for beginners is here to assist you on this journey, offering legal guidance and support to make your experience as smooth as possible.

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